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Being a Carer / Personal Assistant is a very specialised role, in many cases it puts more responsibility onto the employee rather than the employer. This is because the employer would usually be classed as a vulnerable person, and unable to identify appropriate working conditions. This does not mean that they are exempt from following employment law and should provide you with:

Pension information, guidance on the role, safety in the workplace, reasonable breaks, and a wage slip each time you are paid.

However what it does mean is that you are more likely to share some of the responsibilities for example, if you are caring for somebody that has mobility challenges and part of your role is to keep walkways / immediate areas free from potential trip hazards, then it is a shared responsibility to ensure this is not a danger to either party.


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Useful links

ACAS is a great source of information on rights, processes and conciliation.

Carers UK

Another great resource for carer guidance and support


Gov website gives the legal standard and is a great resource for Employees.

Skills for Care

A great place for case studies and carer information.

Hints, tips and established facts

The best advice for any new or even established employees caring for there Employer is, Establish a good relationship with proper boundries.

Boundries are important so that the Employer and Employee know where the line is in many situations and, know what is and isn't appropriate in that working environment.

We recommend when starting with a new Employer, have a contract in place, and in addition sitting down with the Employer and together working out a "structured work agreement", this will allow you to put specifically what you expect as an employee  and they would like as an employer.

Common questions

How often should my PA be paid?

I'm struggling remembering to send my timesheet in by post, what can I do?

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