Helping employers

We know being an employer can be tough, that's why we have put together this helpful page to support employers.

Look through the guidance sections covering:

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-General Guidance

-Commonly asked questions


At Direct Payment solutions we don't want to be just "another company", we want to be the company you go to for information and guidance.

Useful links

Government advice is available for employers, the details can be very technical but there is a wealth of information.

Sheffield Directory

For information around what companies are available in our area and  much more. 

Skills for care

Skills for care is a great resource to support employers as well as offering training.


A really useful source that gives more details on the full process of employing a carer.

Hints, tips and established facts

The best advice for any new or even established employers with personal assistant is to, Establish a good relationship with proper boundries.

Boundries are important so that the Employer and Employee know where the line is in many situations and know what is and isn't appropriate in that working environment.

We recommend when starting with a new personal assistant, have a contract in place, and in addition sitting down with the PA and together working out a "structured work agreement", this will allow you to put specifically what you require as an employer and they expect as an employee.

Common questions

How often should my PA be paid?

I'm struggling remembering to send my timesheet in by post, what can I do?

I'm having issues with my Personal Assistant, what can I do?

I haven't used as many hours this week, can I use them next month?

My Personal Assistant as asked for a holiday but It means I won't have any support that week?

How do I find out the number of sick days used or the holidays remaining for my Personal Assistant?

Useful forms