After studying recruitment offers from several companies we discovered the optimum way to recruit PA's for carer roles.

Firstly we identified the main challenges:

1.  Finding the right match to ensure a supported and reliable working relationship.

2. Finding someone in the right location that can be flexible

3. Getting a match that is rewarding for everyone

4. Finding someone reliable.


Next, we looked at the best process to recruit the right candidate.

1. We receive the referral

2. We go out the service user and make them aware of the full process and how the recruitment will work from start to finish.

3. We write up a personalised job description and use at least 3 advertising methods.


4. We conduct telephone interviews with the potential matches.


5. We would then pass appropriate candidates to the service user for review and selection.


6. Once the selection is made and the match seems a good fit Direct Payment solutions will then conduct the DBS check and follow up on the references provided.


7. The personal assistant is taken to meet the service user and finalise the process.

After working out the process we agreed the best price for an effective process. 

Theres more......

Once the right candidate is selected will will then provide 5 E-Courses, with certification for free!


* Manual Handling – Safe Lifting of Adults / or children.

* Adults at Risk / or Child Protection – Updated in September with Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018

* Lone Worker

* Food Hygiene

* Slips, Trips & Falls

   £370.00 one-off for recruiting a PA.

> Includes DBS

> Up to three exchanges in the first 6 weeks

> £700.00 for 2 PA's (£330.00 for every additional)

Our recruitment service was designed on a current structure that is effective, we just wanted to make it even better! If you have any questions about this service or any of the other services we offer then please do not hesitate to call us directly on 07784386747 - This is a direct line, no automated options, no call divert, no hassle. 


“Working as a Personal Assistant is rewarding, it teaches me a lot whilst giving me the opportunity to care for someone that really needs it.”